imageWelcome to our Department´s website. We dedicate ourselves to Physics, a science we all love. Physics is a way to understand the world around us, an adventure, an intellectual challenge, a way to satisfy our curiosity and the pleasure of discovering secrets of nature.

The Department is responsible for courses in Physics for all branches of study at our Faculty. Teaching goes hand in hand with scientific and research activities. Science is done in close co-operation with teachers and students of our specialisations: Mathematical Physics, Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics, Physics and Technology of Thermonuclear Fusion, Physical Technology.

Research at the Department is focused on a range of topics in Mathematical Physics, Quantum Information and Communication, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Physics of Plasma and Tokamaks. The Department staff as well as its students co-operate closely with a number of leading research groups in Europe and in the world, including laboratories at CERN and BNL. These contacts enable students to join young dynamic teams with promising professional futures inside, as well as outside, academic environments.