Science and research

Science and research work concentrate on mathematical physics and experimental nuclear and sub nuclear physics, but also on theoretical physics, statistical physics, quantum optics and quantum information, computational physics and plasma physics. In all these areas the department supervises PhD students. Science and research activities of the Department are developed in co-operation with foreign partners, science and research centres (CERN, Fermi lab, GSI) and institutes of the Czech Academy of Science. The Department co-operates closely with the Doppler Institute and develops mainly mathematical physics and other related branches. Co-operation in technology transfer with leading enterprises is developed in the Centre of Excellence. Integration of social sciences and humanities into teaching about energy is the aim of the Erasmus+ Teachener project.

Research overview

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Particle and Nuclear Physics

alice    Experiment ATLAS   Experiment STAR   Teorie a fenomenologie fyziky těžkých iontů   Experiment AEgIS

Experiment ALICE


Experiment ATLAS


Experiment STAR


Theory and phenome- nology of the physics of heavy-ion collisions


Experiment AEgIS


Mathematical Physics

Kvantová informace a komunikace   Kvantová mechanika   Geometrie a symetrie    Aplikace statistické fyziky

Quantum dynamics, optics and information


Mathematical description of quantum mechanics


Symmetry and geometry


Applications  of statistical physics


Plasma Physics and Thermonuclear Fusion

sv compass   sv golem   sv astro   sv plasmalab  

COMPASS tokamak


GOLEM tokamak

  Astrophysics   PlasmaLab



The Department includes several centres supporting scientific activities and development of young investigators. Mathematical Physics is developed in co-operation with the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Czech Academy of Science (UJF AV ČR) in the Doppler Institute ( Nuclear and particle physics is supported by the centre of ultra-relativistic nuclear collisions ( Development and transfer of advanced technologies of the world’s leading laboratories is ensured by the Centre of Excellence for advanced detector systems (

Plasma Physics and Thermonuclear Fusion