Last Updated: Monday, 12 July 2021 Published: Monday, 12 July 2021 Written by Jaroslav Krbec

Research in the group of Plasma physics and thermonuclear fusion

Currently (in 2021) there are two main branches of research fostered in the team of lecturers of Plasma physics and thermonuclear fusion

  • Data analyses research, focused in particular on ill-conditioned tasks, namely tomographic inversion [1]
  • Research into runaway electrons (RE), RE production and RE diagnostics on tokamaks [2]

In either tasks, our participation relies either in exploitation of our small tokamak GOLEM [3], or in pending collaboration with the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (tokamak COMPASS) as well as with other European facilities, due to the fact that our Faculty is the Third Party to the EUROfusion consortium through the Institute. Importantly, our EUROfusion participation opens research access also to the „Big Science“ facilities like JET, JT-60SA and ITER.

Besides the two above-mentioned specific research fields we maintain keep-in-touch activities in research of astrophysical plasmas (recently including the RE radiation modelling), into tokamak edge plasma research (in particular, using electrostatic and magnetic probes on GOLEM) and into laser plasmas. We also maintain broader ad hoc collaboration with technological plasma researchers, medicine plasma scientists or researchers in the field of plasma chemical technologies. Theses collaborations are linked to the subjects of pre-graduate and doctoral theses of our students.

Recently, as we have just completed a new laboratory for advanced students of our programme, the PlasmaLab@CTU [4], we hope to open a new window for specific scientific research, e.g. using the new linear magnetic trap.

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link to open access:

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