Quark Matter 2017 is one of the largest conference on ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions in the world which took place in Chicago, USA on 6-11 February. Many of our students and employees presented their up to date research progress.

Participants on the 26th Quark Matter conference, from left:

Ing. Jindřich Lidrych (FNSPE CTU in Prague)
Bc. Alena Harlenderová (FNSPE CTU in Prague)
Bc. Jakub Kvapil (FNSPE CTU in Prague)
RNDr. Jana Bielčiková, Ph.D. (NPI CAS)
Mgr. Pavol Federič, Ph.D. (NPI CAS)
Bc. Miroslav Šaur (NPI CAS)
RNDr. Filip Křížek, Ph.D. (NPI CAS)
doc. Mgr. Boris Tomášik, Ph.D. (FNSPE CTU in Prague, UMB)